The 11th “Bualuang Rising Star 101” Next Step: Thai Art is looking forward


The Queen’s Gallery in collaboration with Bualuang Foundation holds the 11th “Bualuang Rising Star 101” Project under the “Next Step: Thai Art is looking forward” topic as a stage for young and upcoming artists to learn from real experiences.

Khunying Chodchoy Sophonpanich, Director of Bualuang Foundation and Chairman of the Bualuang Rising Star 101 revealed that the 11th “Bualuang Rising Star 101” Project under the “Next Step: Thai Art is looking forward”

The exhibition is held as a stage for young and upcoming artists to show their talents and inspire their artistic creativity to the public as well as allowing them to learn from hands-on experiences, work with other fellow artists, exchange views, process and skills in artistic creation. Moreover, the event would help strengthen relationships among upcoming artists which would lead to lifestyle and social development. At the same time, it would build alliances and cooperation among academic institutions, Bualuang Foundation and the Queen’s Gallery.

The “Bualuang Rising Star 101” Project is held for the first time in 2008, producing many young artists who have become and played many prominent roles in the art industry from professional artists, art professors as well as having the chance to study in Thailand and overseas. The “Bualuang Rising Star 101” Project is considered one of the top stages that provide opportunities and open the horizon for all art students.

This year, there are 32 academic institutions from 35 faculties participated in the project. The institutions that are invited to join the project recruit junior and senior year students who have to compete in a 10-day activity exclusively at the Queen’s Gallery and produce their work at the Gallery’s premise only.

All awarded work from the Bualuang Rising Star Project are Bualuang Foundation’s properties and the foundation has the rights to publicise and distribute the work in the program and other related media as well as own the rights to print the art piece for further promotion.

Khunying Chodchoy added that “Next Step: Thai Art is looking forward” topic is given by one of the national artists, Professor Thongchai Rugpatum who derived the idea from one of the Bualuang Rising Star 101’s identity as the Bualuang has always been focusing on supporting the next generation to move the Thai contemporary art scene forwards to the future. Besides, Thai artistic scene in different generations reflects the soul and social status in each particular era. While modern Thai art had smoothly and beautifully driven along with the nation’s evolution and the global trend. Based on Thailand history, art in each era has its own identity and has become the nation’s heritages until nowadays.

The Queen’s Gallery and Bualuang Foundation hopes that the 11th “Bualuang Rising Star 101” Project would be an opportunity for young generations to experience and create art while attracting the public to be more interested in art,” Khunying Chodchoy concluded.

All awarded arts from the project will showcase on the 4th and 5th floors at the Queen’s Gallery from December 3rd, 2018 to January 8th, 2019 during 10.00-19.00 (closed on Wednesday). For more information visit and queengallerybkk/ Tel 0 2281 5360 – 1