CCI thesis exhibition ” VISITOR ROOM “


The ” VISITOR ROOM ” thesis exhibition is set to take place between 4 – 9 September 2019 during 11.00 – 20.00 hrs at Goose Life Space, Level 2 and 3. The event will showcase research works of Master’s Degree students from the Department of Design, College of Creative Industry, Srinakharinwirot University (CCI).

The “VISITOR ROOMS’ will present eight research works such as “Mook-Mook” – the research work of Pakkaprom Sukkasem who mixes woven fabric from traditional Thai wisdom with pearl shells which has unique ‘sparkling’ quality to design product; and the research “PINA – PINA ” of Usa Prachakul, who uses the fibers of pineapple leaves to weave together with silk threads which makes normal silk 100 % durable.

There is a research on toy to enhance child development to be presented by Ketkanok Lomngam which will present on the “EF ” in the form of children’ tale that would educate them about management skills; research on ‘Day Dream’ by Supinya Nuamsuntia which will be presented in the form of accessories which will enhance creativity for children aged between 6-8 year old.

There is also ‘VANZTER’ exhibition which showcases research work on subculture of young gangsters presented by Pattamon Sukkasem; and ‘WAYLA’ which will exhibit the research on contemporary home furnishings by Sorayut Piriyapol.

The “Khao Mor” exhibition by Krongkarn Kunchaikham will present a simulated nature park at Wat Chetupon using digital media; and research work on ‘Cycles’ by Patararin Pongprasit will present learning platforms for those who are interested in studying fashion design.

As for the concept of the presentation of “VISITOR ROOM” thesis exhibition, it aims to make visitors become a part of viewing or peeking through new formats and mechanisms.
All of these research work tells the story of innovation in an innovative technique deriving from the creativity of the designers, so it is considered a new dimension of “innovation” which normally used with scientific and technological works. However, the display of this research has combined new concepts of designing daily life items to create different values and meanings that are different from it used to be.

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