Taliban in the new era!! Leave are car bomb to car bump after took over Afghanistan’s capital.

Is this right? “Taliban” new look, Afghan social media sharing the most mischievous photo. After Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan, collapsed. Extreme warriors shake off brutal stains. Sit back and enjoy the bumper car. in the midst of teasing “It’s a rare sight that the Taliban are already in the car, not the car bomb.”


The latest situation in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan The Taliban’s army of fighters succeeded in capturing the capital. until becoming fearful about the fate of the Afghans They are going to be ruled by the Taliban and this can lead to cruelty and bloodshed. Many people compare the events to the past of Saigon. (Ho Chi Minh City), the capital of South Vietnam occupied by North Vietnam. or even the case of Phnom Penh with the invasion by the Khmer Rouge

But recently, the social world of Afghans and other countries Nearby have published pictures of Taliban fighters playing around with bumper cars after successfully capturing the city of Herad. According to military analysts Previously, the Taliban’s leader had made the news in the form of a role change. to be a new generation of Taliban It doesn’t focus on atrocities like in the past. and will change through the rule of Afghanistan through peaceful means

However, the photo also has comments from social media users stating that “This is probably the rare occasion to see a Taliban drive a car without a bomb,” which attracted a lot of attention and publicity.