Ukrainian-Russian Negotiate the end of the war!! Moscow agrees to reduce military activities!!

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Russia agrees to reduce military activities Deputy Defense Minister, Moscow reiterated that he was ready to review After the negotiations in Istanbul, a business country with representatives from both sides while the representative of the Ukrainian side demanded MOU Budapest specified for the superpowers and countries in Europe Guarantees the stability that has been signed and ratified.


After discussions between negotiators from Russia and Ukraine In Istanbul, Turkey, Vladimir Medinski, head of the Russian delegation, said that “Recently, Russia has decided to reduce its military activity in the Kiev area. and Chernikov in northern Ukraine as a result of the negotiations. In line with the revelation of Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin, “Russia will review in more detail the decision after its negotiator returns to Moscow. ”

David Arakami, head of the department of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. And the head of the Ukrainian delegation during ongoing peace talks with Russia said: “Article 5 of NATO requires each Member State to consider an armed attack against one Member State as an armed attack against all of them.

“We are adamant that this should be a security guarantee agreement signed and ratified (by parliament) to avoid repeating mistakes in the Budapest Memorandum,” Aracamia said.

Under the 1994 Budapest Memorandum of Understanding, Russia, the United States and the United Kingdom pledged not to use military force against Ukraine in exchange for the renunciation of nuclear weapons received by the Soviet Union. Russia breached the memorandum by invading Ukraine in 2014-2022, and other guarantor countries failed to protect Ukraine.

Under the guarantees proposed by Ukraine on March 29, the guarantor countries must consult within three days of the start of a military invasion or a hybrid war. after consultation These countries have to help Ukraine by sending troops, supplying arms and protecting Ukraine’s skies.

Such guarantor countries may include the United States. United Kingdom, China, Russia, France, Turkey, Germany, Canada, Italy, Poland and Israel. Other countries will also be able to participate. These guarantees should also help Ukraine join the EU.