Fireworks Collaborates with the Government to Promote Thailand as a Maritime & Energy Hub; Organizing 3 Major Events: TMOX, OGET and “Powerex Asia” to Stimulate Growth

Fireworks Media (Thailand) Co.,Ltd kicks off three major marine industry trade shows: “Thailand Marine & Offshore Expo 2022” (TMOX) “Oil & Gas Thailand 2022” event (OGET) and “Powerex Asia 2022” concurrently. The events spans over 3,000 square meters worth of space with more than 10,000 participants expected to join the event which will take place at Bhiraj Hall, BITEC Exhibition and Convention Center, Bangna from 2-4 November 2022


Fireworks Media is honored to have the presence of Mr. Patrawin Congwisan, Secretary General of the Thai Shipbuilding and Repairing Association (TSBA) to preside over the “Thailand Marine & Offshore Expo 2022.” Opening ceremony. During the ceremony, Mr.Patrawin said that the shipbuilding and ship repairing industry is a country’s economically important fundamental industry. At present, 90% of the international trade volume relies on water transport as it can carry large quantities of goods while the cost is cheaper than other types of transport. Meanwhile, the shipbuilding and ship repairing industry is also important to the national security development.

“Thailand Marine & Offshore Expo (TMOX) 2022” showcases the capacity of Thailand in being the maritime center of the Southeast Asian region. It is another channel to promote and enhance the country’s potentiality in terms of technology, innovation and knowledge, as well as serving as a platform for international business cooperation,” said Mr. Patrawin.

The Department of Mineral Fuels is still committed to the important missions of the Ministry of Energy in promoting exploration, production and integrated management of natural fuel resources by utilizing modern and environmentally-friendly technologies to develop and bring stable and sustainable growth of energy for the future. It also hopes that the trade show participants will keep pace of the latest development of technologies and innovations in the oil, gas and petroleum industries, as well as seeing this event as an opportunity to exchange knowledge among each other.

“This mission is considered the top priority of the Department of Mineral Fuels, Ministry of Energy, in enhancing stability and sustainability of the country’s energy. Meanwhile, we will also keep on driving towards the carbon neutrality goal as to address climate change with the global community,” said Ms Onanong.

This international trade fair also gets support from the Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB. Promoting international trade shows in Thailand is one of TCEB’s core missions to make the MICE industry a driving force and stimulating the national economy. Particularly, the events that are in line with the government’s targeted industries development such as transport, logistics and energy industries. By organizing all these three related events in the supply chain, it can help enhance the capabilities of entrepreneurs in the industry and generate income for the country in the future.

Mr. Kenny Yong, Managing Director of Fireworks Media (Thailand) Co., Ltd who organizes this event, said that the three marine industry trade shows include TMOX, the marine and offshore industry event which has brought together the industry-related products to showcase ranging from design, shipbuilding, maintenance, repairing, navigation, ship transportation, etc. It is biggest such event which brings all leading companies together under one roof. It also showcases the offshore industry and other related industries including energy, oil and gas drilling, and power system.

In order to serve all the needs related to the maritime industry, shipbuilding, and offshore businesses, therefore, the company also organizes two other events in parallel. OGET is the largest and most fully-integrated oil, gas and petrochemical industry trade show in Thailand and Powerex Asia 2022, the largest power industry trade show in ASEAN region.

The event brings together leading global companies involving in the marine industry and the oil and gas as well as power industries altogether as to showcase the latest technology advancement in this business so that entrepreneurs and investors both within the country and abroad including those who are interested will have the opportunity to experience and learn about the latest innovations and technologies. It is expected that more than 10,000 participants, including high-ranking executives from various leading organizations, will attend the event for business matching and negotiations. Throughout three days, there will be seminars under the theme “Enhance the Energy & Maritime Technology for a Better Future” to elevate energy and maritime technologies for the better future.

The latest innovations from oil and gas service companies to be showcased at the event include “PTT” from Thailand, “PGPICC” from Iran, “Greatwall Drilling” from China, as well as leading marine-related companies such as ” Marsan” and “Asian Marine Services”, and so on.

There is also a Singapore pavilion from entrepreneurs who are members of the Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA) who will be showcasing technology solutions to help support the oil, gas and offshore industries as well as shipbuilding. Entrepreneurs from several countries are also bringing several products to showcase including from the United States, United Kingdom, Finland, Italy, Iran, India, South Korea, China, Singapore and Malaysia, etc.

“Interested person can join the “Thailand Marine & Offshore Expo 2022 “, ” Oil & Gas Thailand 2022 ” and ” Powerex Asia 2022 ” events at Bhiraj Hall, BITEC Exhibition and Convention Center, Bangna, between 2-4 November this year.” said Mr. Kenny.