MQDC Showcases Thailand’s Real Estate Industry at APEC2022

MQDC showcased innovation and technology in Thailand’s property sector at “APEC2022 Thailand” as a pioneer in “sustainnovation” for the well-being of all life, committed to research and development that enhances life for humans and the rest of nature.


Mr. Visit Malaisirirat, CEO of MQDC, said: “MQDC is presenting its core business and research concepts and approaches at ‘APEC2022 Thailand’ under the concept of ‘Pioneering in Sustainnovation for All Well-Being’. Our exhibition booth with have 3 main zones under the concepts of Embrace the next generation sustainability, Possible Future and Sustainnovation “Pioneering in Sustainnovation for all well-being” Visitors will experience future living and well-being scenarios for people and the planet. MQDC’s ‘Decentralization Resilience & Biodiversity Standard’ reinforces its leadership in sustainable innovation, in tune with APEC’s theme of ‘Open Connect Balance’.

“MQDC is honored to be part of Thailand hosting APEC again after 20 years and we see it as a great opportunity to share insights and information from our 2 research centers: FutureTales Lab and Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC). Local and international attendees can visit and learn at the MQDC booth during 14-19 November 2022 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.”

Mr. Visit Malaisirirat

MQDC applies technology for sustainable coexistence under its “MQDC Standard of Excellence”:

• Process:
Sustainable procedures and processes protect ecosystems and communities around projects, while ensuring efficient construction to save resources.

• Product:
Projects enhance well-being through design standards and innovations developed from research into quality of life for residents, communities, and all life, based on studying actual behavior. Construction materials safeguard health. Systems conserve energy. Construction methods conserve carbon and reduce environmental impact.

• Service:
Service standards are designed from daily needs for happiness and convenience and the highest quality of life for residents and communities.

• Planet:
Energy and environmental conservation standards value all life, including humans, animals, and nature, with deep research into biodiversity. The world’s first biodiversity standard for residential projects ensures a complete ecosystem and supports sustainable life quality for all life.

MQDC has set up two research centers: Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC) and the FutureTale Lab. These labs deliver research and innovations for quality of life, society, and the environment. They also share crucial research insights with the public to benefit communities, society, and the country and enhance life quality.

RISC by MQDC conducts research through 5 hubs:
1. Plants & Biodiversity: researching biodiversity and harnessing the power of nature for sustainable well-being
2. Air Quality: finding the factors for good indoor and outdoor air
3. Happiness Science: studying behavior, psychology, and the brain for well-being
4. Materials & Resources: finding construction materials that safeguard people and the planet and reducing global carbon emissions through future technology
5. Resilience: overcoming and adapting to the challenges of the future

FutureTales Lab by MQDC focuses on gathering, analyzing, and studying information about the future. The lab uses forecasting tools to see the future of living, working, learning, leisure, mobility, and sustainability. The center provides a platform for global collaboration by futurists from government, business, academia, and communities, sharing new insights and ideas for a better future for humankind.