Unilever win Thailand Digital Excellence Awards 2022

Unilever Thailand, a global manufacturer and distributor of consumer goods, has won Thailand Digital Excellence Awards 2022 in the category of Data & AI Leadership from the Thailand Management Association (TMA). The award highlights the company’s reputation as a leading digital organization at a time when digital technology is changing everything.


Ms. Dharee Prasasvinitchai, SEA Home Care Digital Marketing, Media and Commerce Director and Thailand Media Lead, Unilever Thailand, said that the company was extremely honoured and proud to be acclaimed by the Thailand Management Association at the Thailand Digital Excellence Awards 2022 in the category of Data & AI Leadership. The company was also privileged with an award presentation from Prime Minister and Defence Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha. The award highlights recognition of Unilever’s leading strengths in applying concepts about modern digital working and accomplishing transformation across the organization. The company has been commended in an assessment of digital capabilities by the internationally renowned Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and has now won this prestigious award.

The winner was judged from the credibility of the organization in conducting continuous and sustainable operations and adopting digital tools which are the crucial component of an integrated operational ecosystem.

Unilever Thailand set up its Digital Media, Marketing, and Commerce Hub as a digital center to support strategies and business operations, with an accelerated digital agenda of investment in high tech. Teams of digital experts around the world have been working together to power business growth with deep data, making rapid and smart decisions with the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The deployment runs from research, planning, marketing development to manufacturing and logistics as well as pre and post promotion evaluation to optimize end-to-end planning to deliver better value to consumers. Employees have also been encouraged to be a life-long learners to be equipped with future-fit skills including digital skills in particular.

Unilever, said Ms. Dharee, has always put our consumers at heart of what we do and doing good sits at the heart of everything we do. It’s how we inspire exceptional performance to continue our journey to better serve our consumer. Consumer data is collected based on business strategy and centralized and stored in a highly secure database so that it can be processed, stored, and used for analysis, insights, and deployment. Additionally, by merging several data sources, be it online and offline, and working in partnership with cross functional teams as well as holistic social listening, not only a single view of the consumers is formed but a new way of working for driving business growth is established, enabling us to move the consumers through the lower funnel for a seamless customer experience and conversion of completed purchases.

Digital transformation has created positive impact toward business. Just to give some examples, digital channels have grown 5 times in just 3 years, 28% saving on ad spending, 40% average basket size uplift and 60% of our consumers repeatedly engage with us.
Ms. Dharee added that Unilever has been in Thailand for over 89 years and our purpose of making sustainable living commonplace remains unchanged. Unilever will continue to seek out tech trends and build new solutions which efficiently reach consumers with the right platforms, and at the right time.

“So, when you scrub, brush, lick or slurp one of our products, you can feel proud that you are contributing to our good causes to create a better world for everyone,” she said.