Unilever is Delighted as Dove’s #LetHerGrow Campaign Wins 2 Top Prizes from UN Women 2022 WEPs Awards

Unilever Thailand’s #LetHerGrow campaign of Dove brand has won two top prizes in the Gender Responsive marketplace category from UN Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Awards 2022 for Thailand and the Asia-Pacific region.


Dove has been in its longstanding commitment to make beauty a source of confidence, not anxiety. Therefore, Dove’s campaign has reflected the social problem and the impact it has brought to boys and girls who are forced to cut their hair. Unilever and Dove are proud to be a part of driving society and campaigning on bringing an end to forced haircuts in Thailand as to create self-confidence and promote self-esteem among all students.

Both of the top prizes in the gender-responsive marketplace category presented to Dove from the UN Women 2022 WEPs Awards has reaffirmed the commitment of Dove brand and Unilever in raising awareness and recognizing the issue of forced haircut and the impacts on students. Being forced for haircut does not only take away students’ hair, but also has a negative impact on students’ confidence and self-esteem.

Ms.Wichaporn Kanapongsa, Haircare Thailand Lead at Unilever Thailand, said that two years ago, Thailand amended the regulations on student hairstyles to be more inclusive and prohibit punishing students with forced haircuts. In reality, many schools still enforce restrictive hair rules, so some students are forced to cut their hair. Such practice has impact on students’ confidence and self-esteem. A Dove’s recent national study found out that 7 out of 10 women ever lost their confidence and self-esteem as a result of forced haircut.

Realizing this problem, Dove therefore introduced the #LetHerGrow campaign in May to echo this problem out to the society and call on people across Thailand to solve the problems together and join in the campaign to end forced haircuts in Thailand for good, to promote self-confidence among girls, make them recognize their value and be proud of themselves. The campaign has become a hot topic of discussion from the very first day after its debut. There were about 17 million viewers reaching the digital ads, which were also retweeted on Twitter about 59,000 times, resulting in earned PR value of over 19 million baht. Aside from bringing social interest and social media trend, it has also received support from several institutions who actively join the campaign and seriously help find solutions to this problem as to help creating the future where students can grow into the greatest version of themselves.

“Dove is very proud that our campaign has these two prestigious awards, being selected out of more than 60 applicants including those from tech companies, marketing, and investment firms both in Thailand and across Asia-Pacific region. Dove is grateful that UN Women has recognized Dove’s commitment which dares to raise the social issue to promote equality in Thai society because Dove believes in positive beauty and a healthy lifestyle. We are not afraid to take a stand and will use our reach and presence to break beauty stereotypes. We hope that our voices will drive changes to society and help promote self-esteem among girls, enabling them to grow in their best possible version,” Ms. Wichaporn added.

In addition, Dove has also worked with experts and education partners to drive changes, including initiating the Growth Fund to continuously support this movement and build a better future for children, and further developed Dove Self-Esteem Program. Dove has also joined force with the Girl Guides Association of Thailand under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen to initiate the “Free Being Me” project to build confidence and bring a sense of self-worth to Thai students and teachers across Thailand.

Ms. Wichaporn said that Dove and Unilever Thailand have always been doing its commitment on making sustainable living commonplace. Consumers who use Dove and Unilever products are indirectly doing good deeds to the society because Dove teaches girls to have self-esteem. So, every time you use Dove products, you are contributing to our good causes to create a better world for everyone.